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Designer manufacturer from Perigord

It is in both carpentry and joinery that « ABM » has laid the foundations of it’s success

The firm “Les Ateliers du Bois Maîtrisé » (ABM) was founded in 1999. It skilfully combines the traditions of the artisan carpenter /joiner with contemporary techniques. Established in Singleyrac , in the south of Bergerac, the firm’s clientele stretches from Libourne to Bergerac (80 kms around our workshop). It’s growing success is due to it’s expert knowledge of the renovation of ancient woodwork in historic buildings preceded by through consultation with the client.

“ to present any estimate of costs is useless without previous detailed discussion of the client’s wishes. Before committing any sum to paper, you must know how to listen to the client and how to envisage exactly the end product which they have in mid in order to be able to advise, reassure and overcome any hesitation in realizing the full potential of the project.”
“ Our aim is to satisfy fully our customer’s expectations “
Our range of skills covers :
- traditional carpentry
- wooden framed houses : complete houses
Additional floors and extensions
- joinery : carriage entrances
Traditional joinery
Joinery with enhanced water-proofing
- exterior conversions : shop facades
- interior conversions : shop fitting

ABM has the know-how to fulfill your requirements. If you have a project, do not hesitate to contact us. Our professional staff is at your disposal.