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Shop fitting

We can propose a choice of different fixtures and layouts to suit your premises or adapt your orginal ideas as to interior decoration and furnishings. We also execute work from plans provided by an outside architect using our own force.

Joinery production
Our equipment consists of “high tech” machinery and tools with a reputation for reliability in this type of work. This ensures our ability to offer a high standard of workmanship. Whether you want traditional joinery, insulation, sliding or fixed frames, exterior or interior doors and windows or French windows you can entrust your project to us.
Question us ! we are at your disposal.

Bespoke banisters
An addition to our multi-disciplined work is the rare art of making bespoke banisters where the wooden rail maker works closely with the specialist blacksmith. In this world of machine-tolls and complicated production methods we are not averse to employing the skills of craftsmen trained in the techniques of a bygone age.

Ateliers du bois maitrisé
Ateliers du bois maitrisé